CHILL ME - freezer safe teether 》》》 PRE ORDER 《《《

CHILL ME - freezer safe teether 》》》 PRE ORDER 《《《-groovykidsco.

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Our CHILL ME freezer safe teethers are perfect for chilling down in iced water or the freezer to help soothe sore gums.
Babies need to chew - a lot. Not only is it great for gum relief and jaw development, but also for sensory exploration.
Make sure your baby has one of our safe + stylish teething toys at hand!
Silicone beads:
food grade
resistant to the growth of mould and bacteria.

Please note: ALL of our teething toys meet and exceed mandatory safety standards for Toys under 36 months AS/NZS 8124. NOTHING is more important than safety.
TOP TIP: I'm freezer safe! Pop me in for 30 minutes to provide extra teething relief for those sore gums. Or pop me in a glass of ice and water!

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